Our Services

Doing the hard work so the client don't have to

Whether our client just need someone to manage interview schedules or prefer support throughout the whole recruitment process, Aikon is on hand to design and deliver what's best for it's client organisation.

Getting the right people in place is about understanding the market-value of a person; the competiveness of an offer and how these factors impact an employer's competitiveness. This is where Aikon come into on its own. Aikon can manage all aspects, thus facilitating the recruiting process smoothly.

Selecting the best; not what's available

Aikon's campaign and recruitment expertise provide its clients with unparalleled access to specialists. But its expertise do not stop there. Through benchmarking and needs analysis Aikon know what success looks like in client organization and use this knowledge and its skills to deliver only the people most relevant to its client.

Every person included on Aikon shortlist are fully screened and evaluated, including technical and psychometric testing where necessary, and have 360 degree references taken before Aikon even introduce them to its client.

Designing a programme/service for the client

At the outset of each assignment Aikon's consultants work with its client to understand where client skills gaps are, how best to address them and what success looks like in client organisation.

Aikon use its knowledge of the recruitment market to develop a targeted campaign and manage the selection process throughout the country. It is this globally local approach that delivers the best return on investment for its client partners.

Temporary Staffing

Aikon provides its client with the most convenient and cost effective temporary placement service. When required Aikon can have Temporary at client workplace within one hour of your call. Aikon's competitive hourly rates include staff salary, Federal and State taxes, worker's compensation and administration costs.

Aikon Temporaries have been thoroughly tested, using an exclusive electronic system, interviewed and reference checked before send them on any assignment. Aikon guarantee all its temporary placements. Temporary staff are the answer to maintaining and improving the level of productivity within a client's organization.

Permanent Staffing

Aikon provides a quality permanent placement service, in accordance with its client's needs. The process of today's recruiting is both costly, time consuming and requires special expertise. Letting Aikon take care of recruitment allows client to attend to their business.

All candidates for the position are tested, interviewed, reference checked and assessed for suitability. Upon completion of this process, the client is presented with only the best available candidates in the market. A follow up service is then maintained with both the client and candidate to ensure complete satisfaction.

Contract Employment

Aikon provides a quality contract recruitment service that meet the staffing flexibility the client may need. Aikon understands that clients have many and varied requirements. It may be a requirement for a IT Professional for one year or a Human Resource Specialist for three months. When client need is for employment with a fixed duration, Aikon is able to offer highly qualified contract staff.

All candidates referred for contract positions are interviewed, tested, fully assessed for suitability to client's organization, and reference checked. Only those candidates who meet these criteria and are suitable for contract work will be referred to the client.