Successful or leading Retailers have to manage to stay ahead of demand in order to survive. Retailers all over are facing challenges like increasing top-line sales, retention of customer loyalty, and maintaining consumer recall. The presence of many large and small competitors has resulted in a loss of distinction in the retail segments and product categories, impacting the management and forecasting of supply chain, inventory and profits. In addition, the industry is defined by focused efforts towards global markets; integrating business processes worldwide; standardizing process & safety compliances

Keeping customers and eliciting customer loyalty is also an elusive pursuit. Retailers must be keenly aware of future demand, and be prepared to meet it. This risky proposition requires significant investment in customer information management, supply chain capabilities, and operational automation. Aikon can help you one step at a time in adopting practical ways to achieve your end goal. At Aikon, our solutions are based on innovative, successful approach spread over years of experience working with leading retail clients. With extensive customer experience and unequaled operational expertise, we are uniquely qualified to identify and implement innovative sales and service solutions.

Some of the solutions which we offer for the Retail industry are:
  • Customers Relationship Management
  • Enterprise Management
  • Retail Master Data Design and implementation.
  • Sales Order Conversion and Retail Pricing.
  • Merchandise Management
  • Data Validation
  • Store Management
  • System Validation & Configuration.
  • Supply Chain Execution
  • Integration testing
  • Interface testing & Conversion object testing.
  • Supply Chain Planning