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Aikon Client Services - Meeting your technical recruitment needs with a wide range of specialist employment services

Aikon Technologies is uniquely positioned to efficiently and cost-effectively meet your technical staffing needs in the Illinois area and beyond. Our vast experience of technical recruitment across key economic sectors - including IT and engineering, medical and aerospace, defense, and manufacturing, retail and financial, healthcare and financial - combined with our Rite-Sourcing method ensure you get the technical staff with the right skills, the right fit and at the right time. Our technical contractors are direct employees of Aikon and, as such, they are all pre-screened, enabling us to provide clients with a quick and efficient placement for whatever time period required - temporary or permanent. Each contractor can work for you, as a Aikon client, on an independent basis, as part of a team, or as a team leader.

Rite-Sourcing through Aikon saves you time and money, while lowering your risk

More than simply finding a qualified candidate for a job, Rite-Sourcing is a time tested approach to delivering your organization top technical professionals while saving you time, money, and reducing risk.

Rite-Sourcing Saves Money
  • Aikon performs the searching and talent matching of candidates
  • You pay only for our contractor's direct services. Other costs such as employee benefits, payroll taxes, unemployment and worker's compensation and liability insurance are paid by us
  • No additional costs or hardship incurred due to termination or hiring replacements (one contract with Aikon - we do all the work)
Rite-Sourcing Saves Time
  • Aikon presents pre-screened candidates to you with a Skills Match Summary - no need to go through hundreds of resumes or search job sites. Pre-hire interviews are arranged at your convenience
  • We provide you with up-to-date market compensation and requirements analysis
  • Aikon handles all HR administration and benefits management
Rite-Sourcing Reduces Risk
  • Our pre-screening and Skills Match Summary process helps ensure alignment of position and candidates, reducing risk of "mis-hires"
  • Aikon facilitates a 30-60-90 day review process with you to help you better manage your new technical professional and ensure a great fit
When to use Technical Contractors
  • For a quick placement
    When you need technical expertise fast, the long cycle of recruiting a full-time employee is often unacceptable, and possibly even damaging - especially for a small to medium business with limited resources and short deadlines. Working with Aikon, we'll solve your problem in a few days or hours.
  • When flexibility is important
    When there's uncertainty about the size of a project, or how long the project will last, a contractor is your best bet. Contractors enable you to keep your business nimble and flexible. You can scale your team up and down based on how much work is needed. You can even arrange an hourly contract and cut out the risk of 'feature creep' as a project develops.
  • Expertise on-call
    Small businesses in particular need staff only at certain times. Hiring contractors means expertise is available when you need it. Contractors can solve short-term problems that are beyond your in-house capabilities, providing on-call expertise only when it's needed.

    A 'Permanent Hire Option' is available if you're interested in making our contractor your permanent employee. A Aikon Account Manager is available to discuss this with you.

  • To find out more about Technical Rite-Sourcing through Aikon and how we can meet your ongoing technical recruitment needs, please contact us today!

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