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Aikon finds top IT and engineering opportunities in the Illinois area and beyond

Aikon Technologies has been matching professional technical contractors with progressive companies in Illinois and across the USA since 2002. We utilize Technical Rite-Sourcing to ensure our technical professionals are well matched with the position and with the client's company and culture.

As well as being technical recruitment specialists, we come to a quick understanding of a candidate's skill set and future goals. At the same time, we focus on developing an in-depth understanding of our clients' business and staffing needs, as well as the qualities they look for in candidates, which results in the right fit for our candidates with some of the most desirable IT and engineering positions.

Our experience

With a full-time staff of recruiters and account managers, Aikon has grown to become the primary provider of contract and direct engineers and IT professionals for many companies, in Illinois and beyond. For over 10+ years we've provided highly qualified engineers, IT professionals and other technical experts to clients in a wide range of industry sectors including IT and engineering, medical and aerospace, defense, and manufacturing, retail and financial, healthcare and financial.

How the process works

The way we work is simple. You join our company as an employed contractor whose professional services are made available to our diverse client list.

We begin by understanding your skill set and future goals. Aikon recruitment specialists then set out to match your education, experience, and expertise to a progressive company. We work closely with you and our client to support the transition into your new role, and maintain regular contact to address your needs and provide support or advice as required. Mutual satisfaction for you and the client is critical to Aikon as we expect to work with both of you for a long time.

Our technical contractors are treated like clients

At Aikon, our technical contractors' success is everyone's success. That's why you are as important to us as our clients. We recognize that every placement is another step in meeting your career and life goals.

Aikon's full-time professional staff is committed to keeping you at the leading edge of the latest technologies and putting you in front of the most desirable technology positions in the area. We're pro-active in anticipating and meeting your needs, while being responsive to whatever questions or requests you may have.

Staying in close contact with our candidates is vital to the Aikon recruitment process. We listen. We're thorough. We want to know and understand what your goals are, and how we can achieve them - together! We keep you informed on every step of the process and allow you to control where and when you are presented to a client - and you can always depend on our professional support.

To find out more about the technical contractor employment opportunities available through Aikon, contact us today.!

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