Aikon Technologies, Inc.

Who are we?

Aikon Technologies, Inc (Aikon) is a SAP centric consulting organization. Aikon has been providing staffing, consulting, recruiting and support services since 2002. Aikon has a proven track record of delivering Effective Staffing Solutions long way and is engaged in providing quality consulting services. We utilize a core team of IT professionals in a wide range of skill sets and expertise with majority being certified. We offer a full range of recruiting services specialized in Advance Business Technologies.

We are strongly committed to work in close partnership with our customers at each stage of our relationship to achieve high quality results. Customer success and satisfaction are the ultimate goals of Aikon. We are also committed to our candidates to provide a service with the highest ethical standards. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality talent at a fair price in the most responsive manner possible.

What we do?

To collaborate with clients to create tangible value, bringing together business insight and technology solutions to give them a distinct advantage in today's rapidly changing world, is Aikon's priority.

Aikon have been developed through years of experience developing solutions for some of the most difficult and challenging problems facing clients. Aikon understand the issues client face: Aikon have the tools, methodologies and framework to help its client deliver concrete results.

At Aikon partnerships are essential to goal of assisting clients to meet their business and IT requirements through innovative and industry leading solutions. Aikon extend its consulting and delivery capabilities through a powerful partnership network of global and local market leaders and innovators, to provide its clients with the best specialised skills and tailored solutions.

Our team

It's Aikon's team that is the enabler for all of its tools, technology, processes and success. Aikon recruiters are trained to listen to, and understand, client needs as a candidate. Aikon is confident that its team is the best, client would find in all the recruitment agencies has to offer. When a client leave a meeting with one of Aikon's professional recruiters, they can trust them to search through and find a candidate for the positions.

Aikon team stays by its client side to help with all of the coordination and follow-up, including:

  • Interview scheduling and coordination
  • Candidate management and communication
  • Offer presentation and negotiations
  • Reference checking and Onboarding


Single Point of Contact

Aikon possesses technical expertise, business know-how and industry experience that allows for the best response to our customer's needs. We deliver complete and comprehensive e-business solutions from software products, feasibility studies, consulting and training services to outsourcing and maintenance services. We are your one-stop sales and service shop.

Focus on Customer Results

Aikon is committed to providing world class standards and high quality products and services that are delivered locally. Aikon offers the best fit e-business solution and ensures an on-time, on-budget consulting service with high quality results.

Highly Qualified Consultants

Aikon is dedicated to delivering quality e-business solutions through our highly skilled consultants who possess extensive knowledge of the and e-business solutions together with an in-depth industry and business knowledge.

Local Commitment and Expertise

Aikon is firmly committed to developing local talents who have and excellent grasp of local business knowledge and practices, who speak the local language and understand local cultural aspects.

Dynamic Organization

Aikon is a flat and professional organization offering faster and pro-active decision-making and planning to effectively keep pace with our customer's dynamic requirements.